Thursday, 21 June 2007

Welcome to the Learning 2.0 Program

This blog has been set up to chart your progress in Learning 23 things program.

The model being used for your program is: 'Learning 2.0, 23 Things' which was developed by Helene Blowers of the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenberg County.
It has been made available for all to share under a Creative Commons Licence.

The Program was developed to encourage staff to explore new technologies in a fun and flexible way.

Emerging technologies on the web are changing the way people access and share information.
This Online Fun Course will introduce you to the world of Web 2.0, also called the 'Participatory Web' why not participate???

Lessons are made up of short podcasts (headphones/sound card required) and a choice of 2 Discovery Exercises (one simple and one with a bit of a challenge)It's your choice as you work your way through each thing at your own pace.

All the tools you will need are online and there is nothing extra to download.The only tool you need is 'enthusiasm'.The PLCMC Learning Blog sets out the '23 Things' out over a 9 Week period.
Start date is July 2nd 2007 and completion date will be August 31st 2007.

We will post to this Blog weekly aligning with the '23 Things' Blog.
The first thing you need to do is Register your participation on the AID Learning 2.0 blog.
At week 2 your exercise will be to make your own blog. This will also have to be registered.
Your blog will act as your learning journal thoughout the program.
You will be recording all your learning activities on your blog.

Please head up each Blog post with the 'Thing' you are addressing eg. Thing #5 Flickr.
Feel free to comment and add your own tips, hints and discoveries to this Blog.

If you need assistance with anything on the program please contact:
Lynette Lewis
(phone 9401 0764)

Denise McLarty (9401 0741)

or email at

Learning 2.0 - explorong web 2.0 technologies through PLAY!!

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